About Elliot Art Productions


"Marguerite Elliot and her team produced a video for me to use in various venues to introduce viewers to my artwork. The results were very original, clearly presented, and with more than a dash of surprising creativity. Marguerite and her team were thoroughly professional, came to the video shoot ready to work, and made this neophyte "talking head" feel very comfortable. Thanks Marguerite!"

—Joe Brubaker


"The beginning is terrific. .... the artist letting you into the inner sanctum, opening the door to her creative process and a world of color and light and shadow.The music is perfect. I like the way the cello beats sync up with the changing images. And those images! A stunning mix of figures, landscapes, abstracts, still lifes ... total immersion in the works.Footage of Gorek painting is textural, expressive, and seriously sensuous. I could smell the paint. I could feel it as she brushed it on the canvas. And the color! Both what Gorek applies to the canvas, and also the color of the video itself."

—Michael McCauley

"Marguerite Elliot pulled together a team that was highly professional and creative. Marguerite is a skilled visual artist herself and brings to the video production a sense of  'process' that allows for inspiration,  collaboration and the  creative whimsy of my mercurial mind. I loved working with her and my video " Light Touching Darkness" managed to weave together all my disparate parts and leave a few people with goosebumps!"

—Elizabeth Gorek


Marguerite ElliotMarguerite is an artist, curator, and video producer with 20 years experience in the visual arts. She is passionate about art and has the unique ability to build connections between artists, galleries, collectors, and the wider global market. In her career as an artist she has had her work published on the cover of the Village Voice, as well as the Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, and others. She likes to hike, bike, scuba dive, and travel to far away places. The more remote the better.


She lives in Marin County, California.


Marguerite is an artist in her own right as well as an author of a book, "The woman's Building & Feminist Art Education 1972-1991" which is available for purchase on Amazon. Her art website can be found at www.MargueriteElliot.com.


Her team has won awards at international festivals and has directed pieces for PBS, UNDP, and ABC. Our creative camera work and skilled editing make a compelling and engaging  video. We are experts at marrying creativity with commerce.


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